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Dr. Varsovia Santoliva

What Dr. Santoliva’s Chiropractic Patients Are Saying

I was thrilled to find exceptional doctors and staff at Back in Action Wellness Center. They are truly a cut above the rest.”

“I have been a firm believer in the chiropractic lifestyle for several years now. I have always believed in the body’s ability to heal itself. I started going to chiropractors seven or eight years ago after a car accident that caused several herniated discs in my lower back. I still have some low back pain occasionally, but nothing like I had years ago.

I have been to several chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Santoliva and her staff are truly dedicated to their patients and their craft. The doctors at Back in Action Wellness Center truly exemplify the best of chiropractic.

Since I have been going to Back in Action Wellness Center, I have much more energy, and am much healthier in general. My immune system is now at peak performance. I have not had a cold in over a year! I sleep better than I ever have, and don’t have the breathing, congestion and allergy problems I used to have.

So to Dr. Santoliva and her staff at Back in Action Wellness Center, thank you for helping my body help itself to be healthy! I don’t know what I would do without you all!”

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S. Clark

Dr. Santoliva saved our daughter’s life when the medical doctors quit.”

Our oldest daughter Courtney was at the top of her class academically, the editor of the school yearbook, and a highly successful varsity athlete (having been chosen for the U.S. Olympic team Field Hockey Futures program). Her dream to be able to attend one of the top colleges in the country appeared realistic until two serious, freak athletic accidents occurred.

During her junior year, Courtney had a head-on collision with the team’s goalie. The doctors determined that Courtney had sustained a concussion and she was hospitalized. Fortunately, in a short time, things returned to normal. Courtney then attended an advanced field hockey clinic in Massachusetts. During one of the drills, she had another head-on collision. This one, less than a year after the first, was totally debilitating.

Again she was hospitalized with a concussion – with burning, radiating pain emanating from her neck that caused headaches so severe that she could not lift her head or tolerate light or noise. She was treated by the best-known doctors, neurologists, and physical therapists available. She was subjected to countless CT scans, MRIs, and regimen of powerful drugs (with terrifying side effects). Nothing worked.

By November 3, months after the accident, the head neurologist – a renowned pain specialist, told us that there was nothing more that could be done medically. In light of the chronic, burning, radiating pain in Courtney’s neck, I asked the doctor if it was possible that her neck was out of alignment, causing pressure on nerves. The doctor became indignant and said, “if you’re asking my opinion about using a chiropractor or osteopath, I can’t say that you shouldn’t, and I won’t say that you should.” The next morning I called Dr. Santoliva. When we arrived for our appointment, Dr. Santoliva examined Courtney and took x-rays.

As we anticipated, Courtney’s neck vertebrae were severely out of alignment. Dr. Santoliva gave Courtney an adjustment and she was immediately relieved of the headache, albeit for just a few hours – but for the first time in three months! We took Courtney for adjustments twice daily for months and eliminated those terrible drugs. Courtney ended up graduating with her class and with honors! She attended one of the most selective colleges in the country and is now a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Santoliva and the wonders of chiropractic truly did save a life, and we will be forever grateful.

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B and M Mongell

Back in Action − That’s what I am! After years of dealing with back pain the wrong way, I’m finally back in action!"

About 5 years ago my chiropractor gave up trying to help me. He sent me to an orthopedic guy for an MRI that showed a small bulging disc and some arthritis, who gave me a bunch of painkillers and some exercises. After a few months of this, someone recommended a great pain doctor. He did a procedure that burned the nerves in my back so I wouldn’t feel the pain, so I had no problem overtaxing my back.

The bulge in my back got bigger and when the nerves healed, the pain was much worse, so I got more painkillers. Then they ran out. After hobbling about until I could hobble no more, and a recommendation from Sandy May, Editor of the FORUM newspaper, I went to Back in Action Wellness Center.

I walked in without an appointment with my latest MRI in my hand. Dr. Santoliva looked at my MRI and told me she has good success with bulging discs. She said, “Give me two weeks, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and you and I will both know if I can help you."

After the second treatment, I felt good enough to wash my wife’s car. I mean, I was bending over and everything!

Dr. Santoliva also gave me a natural supplement to take the place of my arthritis medicine. I stopped the NSAIDs I had been taking every day for five years and haven’t needed any since.

What did they do to help me? It was a combination of chiropractic adjustments, action acupuncture, traction (with this machine that stretches you out while Dr. Santoliva pushes on your bones to straighten them out), and electrical stimulus (where they put patches with wires attached on your back or whatever is ailing you, and then turn up the juice).

All I know is that they do whatever it takes to fix what’s broken.

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Brother George, Blue Island, IL

At the age of 19, I fell off a horse and broke my back. My doctor told me I would never walk again."

He said, even if there was a slight chance of being able to walk again, I would never be able to run or regain the same balance. I was in the hospital for a month. After that, I was released with a full body cast.

I came to Dr Santoliva for a second opinion and she pushed me really hard to help me heal. She gave me chiropractic and acupuncture treatments three times a week for about a month, and frequent treatments monthly for about six months. A year later, not only was I was able to walk, but I was able to ride my horses again!!!

Now I am married and have two beautiful children that I run after all the time. I don’t believe I would have my active life and family without Dr. Santoliva. She is not only my doctor but she takes great care of my family too.

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Karina E., Blue Island

I love this place! Dr. has a special way of knowing everyone personally and provides a personal touch to healing.

Jordan D.

Great attention to detail.

Steve H.

The best chiro ever! I highly recommend him.

Diana B. J.

I've been working with Dr Santoliva for a few months now and I can honestly say that she's by far the best healthcare professional I've ever dealt with! In an industry that pushes pills and has little to no understanding of nutrition, homeopathy, or any treatment that's non-traditional, she is a breath of fresh air! She is very knowledgeable, caring, and puts the patient's need first. I can't recommend her enough!

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Jason M.

What Staci Cousert's Massage Therapy Patients Are Saying

Staci is an awesome massage therapist! When you first meet her, she takes the time to listen to where your pain points are, and asks questions so she can better identify the best approach to your massage. Past therapists I used insisted on full body massage when all I really wanted was intense massage treatment for lower back pain.

That said, she also informs you of how muscles are linked so that it makes sense to massage areas that you may not think need attention for your particular ache! You can tell that she is really devoted to helping people who not only want an enjoyable and relaxing massage, but also who need it for pain management.

She’s also very warm and friendly and that puts her clients at ease! I highly recommend that you choose her as your therapist!

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Monica K., Evergreen Park, IL

Staci, you gave me the very best, most therapeutic massage I have ever had in my life! I can’t believe how many knots and cramps you were able to work out of my back in one session (and how many you were able to release that I didn’t even know were there!). I feel so much better; my pain is almost gone completely!!

Mary H., Blue Island

Thanks so much for the amazing massage last week! You definitely worked out everything that needed to be worked out and helped me relax. The best part is that I still felt great for the rest of the week, which I've never been able to say before after getting a massage. Thank you!

Laina V., Oak Lawn

Staci is an awesome massage therapist! I highly recommend going to experience a little bit of heaven in her capable hands.

Lynn K., Crestwood


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